Why Are Companies Starting to Use VR in Real Estate?

According to statistics that were just released in 2018, the VR (or virtual reality) hardware market is set to surpass 7.3 billion dollars. Virtual reality has been adopted into many different spheres including gaming, education, health care and real estate. But why are real estate companies starting to adopt VR? What are the benefits? Alas! We will cover that there.

Time Schedules Have Gone Out the Window

Everyone’s life is full of problems, unexpected events, problems and moments that make for a hectic schedule. Though it’s not seen as professional, many of these issues cause people to cancel house viewings unexpectedly and can waste a lot of time – and time is money. With VR, prospect viewers are able to be flexible with viewing times in that the property is viewable 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With time management being a focus for many companies worldwide (especially in the real estate market) VR can save the company thousands (and if on a large scale indeed millions) through its implementation.

VR tells a story from all angles

Prospect home buyers or development buyers are already inundated with so many options of ‘old school’ realty companies online with glossy websites and high definition pictures – but VR has led to the newest question on everyones minds – is this enough? Are pictures enough? The answer invariably from feedback is quite simply – no its not – people are expecting more as technology evolves and the real estate industry is no different.

Real estate firms that utilise VR have been praised as ‘modern’ and ‘forward-thinking’ which has led to bolstered company reputations, increased revenues, happier clients and much higher profit lines.

Clients can seamlessly immerse themselves in a world of VR to look at their prospect purchases at the click of a mouse – and that is an invariably awesome selling tool.

Giving your prospects imagination and an emotional connection

VR makes the journey for a prospect buyer a lot more interesting and scintillating. Imagine your clients being able to place a headset on and enjoy a fully immersive environment that will let them view the property development in their own way. Identifying things that matter to them without the need of pushy sales techniques from an overworked realtor agent.

VR technology is also set to save real estate thousands and in some cases, millions, due to the fact that no costly show homes need to be set up, selling collateral can be fully integrated to VR so that old-school selling overheads are slowly diminished.

So what are you waiting for? Why not contact a leading Virtual reality company like Voxel Worlds (our personal fave) and get going.

VR will revolutionise your real estate business to the point of absolution – making for a brighter, more prosperous future for not only you, but your prospect buyers and custmers.

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