What is a ClickFunnels? What are the benefits and limitations of it?

In short, a drag and drop builder of a web page for sales funnels is ClickFunnels. You can build an entire website with ClickFunnels and host the website without any web hosting experts, developers, or knowing any codes. It is the fastest way to get sales funnels and build web pages.

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Long Reply

You might have tried some drag and drop and website builders that have templates, and they all need technical knowledge to work with them.

Whereas ClickFunels is different. It mightn’t be the cheapest platform available in the market, but it is the most flexible and a platform which is very easy to use.

When someone gets an idea about doing business online, they need to build up a website. The thought of building a website for startup guys might be thinking about how to sell on Amazon marketplace, building website terrifies them, as it can cost them $1000 to build a website, hire designers, and developers. But ClickFunnels has made it easy for them. They also need wireframes to make their presence felt online.

You can create an email option on a page in less than a minute with the help of ClickFunnels. You can create a website for sales in less than an hour by yourself using ClickFunnels, and that too with the option of having payment on the webpage.

Why make complicated funnels when ClickFunnels is present?

People spend a lot of time making their funnels complicated. This is a wastage of time and money. When there is ClickFunnels, you have a true power to get your page online which can take the contact details of the customer as well as take the orders in no time.

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