Tekmetric: Making Digital Vehicle Inspection a Breeze

Digital Vehicle Inspection? Car Owners Need Not Fret

When it comes to efficiency, some car repair shops can be woefully lacking. However, Tekmetric is a one-stop solution that is looking to change all of that. With the increasing digitalization of car repair, many shop owners have found themselves bogged down in monthly costs. Whether they’re paying for specialized software, labor guides that require a subscription or a slew of other memberships, many have been searching for a streamlined solution recently. The team at Tekmetric wants to give this to them.

Headed by Executives with Decades of Experience

Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri, the founders of Tekmetric, have been in the business for quite some time now. With the background to boost such an exciting endeavor, it’s no wonder that so many have been thrilled to jump aboard with them. After all, their vision is truly exceptional—and ever since its launch in February of 2018, it’s definitely been the talk of the industry.

A Cloud-Based Solution That Serves a Multitude of Users

Rooted in Amazon Web Services, this is a platform that is easy for everyone at the shop to use. Furthermore, owners don’t have to worry about having everyone log in with the same profile. With an unlimited amount of users permitted to use the program, shop owners can focus on efficiently handling the tasks at hand—and not worrying about one person at a time using the system.

Using LEAN Principles to Support Digital Vehicle Inspection

Although Patel and Chilukuri are very accomplished in the automotive space, it should not be forgotten that their backgrounds are in the business world. Studying Six Sigma and other tools, they have developed multiple methods for achieving success in the shortest amount of time possible. It is their goal that shop owners will also experience the brilliance of Tekmetric’s simplicity and streamlined solutions. Suddenly, everything that owners and operators need is available in one place. For those who work in digital vehicle inspection, this is no small thing. With the ability to transform the day-to-day operations of vehicle repair centers, Tekmetric is making life easier for both drivers and mechanics.

Workflows Are Key

Because Chilukuri and Patel understand how hectic things can become in a repair shop, they designed a platform that works on any device. All mechanics need is an internet connection, and they’re in business. Tekmetric offers users the ability to create invoices through texting, allowing car owners to approve repairs through texting. Obviously, these types of shortcuts can dramatically cut down on the amount of time that is sometimes spent calling drivers and waiting for them to phone back. Photos can also be provided to clients, allowing them to see the progress that is being made on their vehicle. In other words, it’s white glove service—without the hassle on either side. By allowing multiple channels for communication, Tekmetric has redefined digital vehicle inspection, as well as all the other services that car repair shops offer. Calendars and reminders encourage mechanics to stay on track with their service schedules, making for a happier experience all around.

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