Seo Tactics – Building SEO Focused Landing Pages

Your landing page creates a very important first impression and starts important, targeted interactions with your company. There are a number of ways visitors can end up on your landing pages. These include social media, ads, and, even more important, search engines. If you want your target audience to take your desired action on your landing page, it has to be visible to search users because the majority of your target audience uses search engines (predominately Google) to search for information associated with your business says Chris Poole of SEO Company CT

Unfortunately, just a few websites and landing pages reach the top 10 organic search results and competitors fight to gain page 1 status, only to get replaced quickly. Why? Well, there are several reasons. In a lot of cases it happens because their website ends up penalized because the creator tried to manipulate Google algorithms. Another reason is that they used outdated SEO methods that don’t work anymore.

Following are a few proven SEO tactics that can help get your landing pages ranked in Google’s top10 organic results.

Keyword Research

This is the core of the SEO process and the thing you should do before anything else. There are a lot keyword research tools to choose from that will show you precisely what your target audience uses to find businesses like yours online. A good one to use is Google’s Keyword Planner tool, one of the best free keyword research tools available.

Create Compelling Long-Form Content

Once you’ve determined your keywords, it’s time to start creating your content, long form preferably, based on them. Google has a tendency to reward detailed, visually enhanced content above short-form variations so aim for 1000 words or more. Including engaging images, videos and testimonials will help increase conversions as well.

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Optimize Your Content for SEO

It isn’t enough to produce long-form content. If you don’t optimize your content for SEO, you’re not likely to rank base on your chosen keywords. Make sense right? The important thing to remember is to not overstuff your content with your targeted keywords. Use them strategically and where they naturally fit in to the content. In other words, make sure the content is “human friendly” Also, include metadata (title tag and meta description) on your landing pages.

Build Links to Your Landing Page

When it comes to SEO tactics, link building is an old school method that Google still appears to love. Without the right kinks, you’re probably not going rank well in Google. Once you create your landing page, it’s important to have back links pointed to it, reinforcing and strengthening the effects of the keywords. An effective way to accomplish this is to create engaging guest posts that contain a link to your landing page, then submitting them to sites that have high domain authority in your niche. You should also considering using your network, asking friends in the same niche industry to link back to you.

if you put the SEO tactics listed here into action, you’ll definitely improve your chances of gaining first page placement for your landing pages on search engines for your target keywords.

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