Mediation will help to settle the relationship

It happens in life that you are not happy with your partner and want to end the relationship by taking divorce, but it is the possibility that your spouse does not agree on the aspects of the divorce and then it can amount to conflict between you and your spouse, so to avoid this, mediation will help you in settling down through mutual understanding. The Addison Divorce Mediation Attorney can help the couples for the divorce suit. The mediation is best option for the couples who wants divorce on mutual terms as it less expensive then court trial which has a series of hearings and it allows you to arrive at a resolution based on the ideas of the couples not as the court imposes its judgment which you are forced to follow.

But in case if you are looking for divorce on the basis of the domestic violence, then you need an attorney who can teach the culprit a lesson and you can get the justice which you needed the most. The Thornton law firm has experienced attorneys who will help you under such situations.

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The points when divorce mediation will work for you

The decision should be mutual

Sometimes, it may happen that the decision of divorce can be one sided and one party still needs to think about the divorce. In that situation, the mediation should not be approached. It can only work when two people are mutually agreed and they want to end their relationship and then it would be easier for the mediation to work out for the divorce.

You have no desire to reconcile

If you have arrived at a decision that you want to completely end the relationship with your spouse and this decision is permanent and you would never reconcile then the divorce mediation can be done successfully but it doesn’t mean that the mediation would not give chance to the couple to reconcile, so as to focus on factors after the divorce and if the decision of the divorce is fruitful or not.

You want to stay on good terms with your spouse

Spouse who divorced each other and later on want to be on good terms may be because of their kids or their own values. Here the mediation can work well because you can use these points in negotiating and compromising during the mediation.

Your spouse has not lied to you about anything important

If your spouse has lied to you earlier in the relationship then you need to be careful while divorce mediation because it can affect that may be your spouse can hide the truth during the mediation and this could rule out the possibility of divorce mediation to work for you. So, your spouse needs to speak truth so that mediation can work.

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