Key Factors to Consider When Shipping Cars

Moving from one place to another is an overwhelming task and proves to be a challenge at every step of the way but since most people know the ins and outs of moving, they’re willing to go ahead with it. This isn’t the case when it comes to car shipping. Most people are clueless in this regard and are overcome with the intricacies involved in transporting their cars. There are quite a few factors that such people must consider when choosing the best car-shipping companies:


The cost of car shipment is determined by distance. The cost varies depending on other factors as well, such as car insurance and the number of the cars being shipped. Some companies offer only terminal-to-terminal shipping costs, which doesn’t include other charges. A comprehensive quote is usually referred to as a door-to-door shipping cost. Potential clients should inquire about any hidden charges and request companies to breakdown the shipping costs. If the company you’ve hired only delivers your car to the terminal, find out if it has additional charges for delivering the car to your doorstep.


As with any shipment package, there is risk involved. The same applies to shipping cars. It is, therefore, important to explore the insurance feature. If the cars being shipped are antique or expensive brands, clients would want to ensure their cars are protected from unforeseen damage. Depending on the car shipment company, there can be multiple insurance options offered. Potential clients should thoroughly visit the policies and request a copy of the insurance papers. It is advisable to opt for companies that have good reputations and are willing to reimburse their clients in the event of any failures occurring without creating hassles.

Shipping Report

Car shipping companies must operate according to professional guidelines and provide a car shipping report. The report contains details of the condition of the car before it is dispatched for shipment and after it is delivered to its destination. The report includes inspection details that can be verified by the clients themselves. This report is essential to claiming damage to your insurance provider company. The car shipping company will be liable for any damage inflicted on the car during transit.

Clients will have to rigorously evaluate factors such as cost, insurance coverage, quality and reputation of the companies that they explore, if they’re looking for a satisfying experience and service. There are many car shipping scams that exploit people’s vulnerability. If any company is offering rates below average, consider this a red flag, as no company would reduce expenses by paying for them themselves. A low rate would most likely entail a cheaper quality service or a downright scam. These scam sources can imitate a legitimate company really well and receive advance payment from consumers without ever delivering any services. Car shipping companies are regulated by the United States Department of Transportation. They cannot operate without an MC number and all legitimate companies will present their MC number through their websites or agents representing their companies. They will also ensure 100% compliance with the state regulations.

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