How to source, engage and recruit amazing talent?

Attaching the best talent in the market is essential for the future of any startup. An organization needs to hire the top talents to surpass all of its competitors.

Hiring market has become competitive nowadays. If you want to get better results and a real ROI from your recruiting process, you need to take a proactive approach to get your hands on the best candidates.

Completing a successful hire is a tough cookie for a startup for various reasons. The future position and the growth of your company will be depending on the efforts you put on hiring.

This startup hiring guide will give you a detailed explanation of the three steps essential for a successful hire i.e.

▪ Sourcing

▪ Engaging

▪ Recruiting


There are different channels for sourcing ideal candidates for your company. Engage with your human resource managers and prepare a list of various channels where you can find the candidates according to your job description and requirements.

▪ Diversify your sourcing channels.

Think out of the box and beyond your go-to recruiting channels.  Consider adding more ways to reach the pool of talents. Try using some unconventional websites that can provide more yield and to your search.

▪ Offline sourcing channels

Attending various events, conferences and seminars can be a great way to hire new candidates. You can even host your events and meetings to bring your industry-specific people under one roof and meet them face to face. Being a personalized outreach offline sourcing is very productive due to less competition.

▪ Use the right tools.

Run a few searches with your managers to review the requirements which are needs to strengthen and loosen. Review the benchmarks you have set for various job profiles to get the right number of candidates. Make a list of job-specific keywords to carry on a search and select the perfect match for your job.


To engage the candidate at every stage, it is important to differentiate your company and stand out from others. A candidate-centric hiring policy can ensure you a continuous flow of qualified and talented candidates.

▪ Create Awareness

If a job seeker is well aware of your organization and its values, he would be more willing to work for you. A smart marketing approach goes a long way in ensuring a better engagement with the candidate. After all, it’s all about BRANDING.

▪ Make it easy to apply.

You may lose out many candidates as a result if some silly reasons, responsible for making the candidate lose interest in your job. Don’t make the candidates fill out the excessive forms requiring all of their work history and information. This makes the process dull and cranky. Keeping the application forms short and crafting out innovative job description will attract more candidates by maintaining their interest.

▪ Treat candidates with quality.

Not every applicant is going to be selected. But each one of them is potential, and a qualified referrer for future hires. Make each applicant feel valued and influence their feeling while revealing the outcome of their efforts.


The final process is selecting a candidate that matches the mission and vision of your startup.

It’s about finding the person who can make the best out of this opportunity.

▪ Evaluation

Evaluate each application properly and check whether which applicant matches the best to the job description.

▪ Pay attention to the interview process.

Help the candidate to be more comfortable than stressed. Be transparent about your company its policies. Discuss all the duties and responsibilities relating to the job. Be flexible and conversational, and make sure that the questions are consistent.

▪ Ongoing recruitment

Even after filling your company with the required talents, always be hiring. Competition in the hiring market is tough, as a result, you need to be continuously engaged in hiring.

Follow this startup hiring guide and welcome the gems that will make your company reach to the top.

Provide your employees the kind of work environment that keeps them tempted a d motivated to work more.

In addition to that offer your employees, growth and development opportunities and let them know that you value their efforts.

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