How To Resolve Common Issues In Pearl Jewelry Photographs?

In an online jewelry business photography of every product needs to be portrayed accurately. Professional photographer experienced in jewelry sector need to be hired, so as to capture the essence of every pearl’s shine, smoothness, texture and color. Common issues that jewelry photos experience but can be corrected.

  • Low resolution images

It is necessary that the Mikimoto pearl necklace photos you captured from different angles must be clearly visible. It is what you are selling. If the necklace is not focused than viewers get turned off as they are not able to see a clear image.

Solution – Record images at high resolution because low resolution means the image is more pixelated. Camera must be set on tripod for stabilization and set at low ISO setting. Shoot from close distance, so there is no need for image cropping later, which can lower resolution of final image. Use high focus stop setting to escalate field depth for capturing images of bangles and rings.

  • Bad lighting

Poor lighting impacts color representation. Over lighting can brighten color and under lighting can mute or deepen colors.

Solution – In jewelry photography some areas are dark and light along with tone spectrum in between. Over darkness or brightness can hide the pearl earrings looks and detailing or change pearl color appearance. Use diffuser to break bright light. Consider using a light tent, which are collapsible for easy storage. Light tent help to control light diffusion on jewelry pieces.

  • Reflection

Reflection is a huge hurdle in jewelry photography. Shiny and smooth pearl surface act as tiny mirrors, so reflection gets captured.

Solution – Use positioning to angle the pearl bracelet for good reflection. Black reflections on item can be eliminated using aluminum foil or paper sheet. Light tent also helps to handle reflections because tent has white walls that cast neutral reflection on jewelry item.

Tips for capturing good DIY photograph

1) Invest in advanced camera with good optical zoom and manual control.

2) Use tripod to ensure camera is steady, when you click.

3) Used HD + Lower ISO for optimal and clear images.

4) Capture photos from close distance to avoid enlarging it later on.

5) Shoot in good lighting.

6) Invest in light tent for light control.

7) High f-stop helps to neutralize a light halo that appears around silver pearl pendant.

8) Color needs to be accurate or can be edited later on.

9) Be careful about reflection.

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