How to be safe at work?

There is a real concern nowadays of getting hurt while working in your office or within the company premises. It seems to be that many people feel safer at home and they are reluctant to leave their houses. To do this, they find jobs online and avoid having to go to an office to work. There are however many different ways of feeling safer and therefore continuing working in the facilities of a company.

Working for a company can offer many benefits to an employee that cannot be achieved when working as a freelancer. Companies can offer their employees many perks such as bonuses, paid holidays and health care; some people decide to go and work for a company that has them covered and offer protection against daily situations that can get risky.

Business and their risks

Every company has a potential hazard for employees; these will change according to the type of company. For example, companies that deal with chemicals and dangerous substances have to make sure their employees use the proper protection equipment (Helmets, glasses, gloves, special clothing). These objects are not only for the protection of the individual but also for the rest of the coworkers and people around.

If the company works with banks and valuable objects, they have to offer extra protection to the employees and the assets must be taken care of. In this case, its essential for every employee to be identified with a clear ID card hanging with a lanyard. Lanyard supplies UK can also be printed with the logo and color of the company so that fake ones are easy to spot and hard to achieve. The more security elements and ID card has the better for the business.

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What to do to feel safer

Be ready: this is the first and most important recommendation. Every member of a company and every individual working in an office has to know how to react and act in the case of an emergency. It is similar to what happens in a plane and the emergency exits, the person in that seat is responsible of operating the door or window that was set as an emergency exit, this is why airlines try to assign those seats to young people that they consider to be able to deal with the instructions.

Know your office: a piece of advice that is considered highly valuable in the case of an emergency or a dangerous situation is where to locate the materials needed for a specific risky situation. Flashlights, water pipes, alarms, tools, fire extinguishers, emergency phone numbers. This information should be made available to all employees, and there should be drills to practice from time to time how to react in the case of an emergency.

Trust your colleagues: this is easier to follow in a smaller company, but it is worth trying anyway. There must be a reliable environment in the working place. There is no way a person can work and be productive if this person is surrounded by people who are not trustworthy. Choosing employees has to be a decision that takes into account the background of the person so that it does not represent a danger for the rest of the people in the office.

The most common safety measures in the workplace include:

  1. Wearing ID cards: thanks to this every person in the company is easy to identify. This is especially important when it comes to big companies that have hundreds of employees, and there is no time and opportunities for all of them bonding together until they get to trust and know each other.
  1. Security cameras: many places have decided to use security cameras to keep track of all the movements inside a company, these videos can be checked at the moment with some security personnel and spot irregularities exactly when they happen. It can also be registered for further analysis although this would limit the range of action since events will not be in progress anymore.
  1. Hiring security personnel: many companies have decided to leave all security issues in the hands of professional security companies. Sometimes, after a study, they can determine what the best security measures to protect employees and the workplace are.


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