How Businesses Can Fully Optimize Their POP Marketing Display

Point of Purchase or POP displays has been employed by manufacturers and marketing experts to highlight a particular product. These types of display are literally designed to stand or pop out in a sea of products in a store. When designed creatively and placed strategically, the display will be able to fulfill its purpose, which is to attract consumers into buying the item. There are several ways for businesses to fully optimize these marketing tools.

Create A Simple But Impactful Design

Manufacturers can work with companies specializing in custom POP displays when creating their perfect product presentation. Working with an industry specialist ensures that the manufacturer’s ideas are fully fleshed out and captured in the final product display. These industry specialists also offer more than one-dimensional presentation choices but versatile countertop and life-size displays that stand out anywhere.

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To keep up with the times, some displays incorporate movement, moveable parts, or rotating pieces. For a more festive look, blinking or lighted pieces are also added to a static display. These types of POP set-up often draw in curious customers.

Maximize the Location

The purpose of a POP display is to influence the buyer to make that decision of purchasing the product before leaving the store. For this reason, display location is everything for the manufacturer. Displays have to be strategically placed where foot traffic is constant, or where customers linger for a while to check out the merchandise.

There is a growing demand for POP displays as shown in the prominently placed pieces in various retail establishments and stores all over the globe. However, with the demand comes new ways of presenting the product by combining POP displays with other marketing methods. These new strategies also incorporate real salespeople selling the merits of the product to the public.

Manage Displays for Consistency

Product manufacturers are now diversifying their marketing and promotion strategies and incorporating POP displays into the mix. This widens their reach, ensuring that different niche markets are addressed. However, manufacturers also work with their marketing team to ensure consistency in the messaging. This is one way of imprinting their brand image into the consciousness of potential consumers looking for a product to patronize. It also presents a more consistent message to faithful customers who have been following their brand for years.

While POP displays provide a no-frills option for businesses, its global market values throughout the years show a thriving industry. In 2016, cumulative values of the POP display industry at the global level reached US$9.87 billion in 2016. Market values are expected to increase within 8 years and peak at US$16 billion by 2025.

POP displays provide an affordable marketing tool for retailers. This option allows the manufacturer to showcase the merits of a product without breaking the bank. For small businesses just starting off in the world of retail, using this cost-effective tool achieves the goal of marketing the product at a lesser cost rather than mounting a more complicated and more costly marketing campaign.

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