Here’s A Quick Way to Solve a Problem with Two Wheeler Insurance

Driving on Indian roads and highways is a complete chaos, where bumper to bumper driving is now a national calamity. The only way one could trespass traffic is on a two wheeler vehicle. Not only weaving through traffic is simple but also you can park your vehicle anywhere. Yet, one has to keep their two wheeler sheltered every time. The ‘nimbu mirchi’ era has almost faded.  Two wheeler insurance is the only way out to safeguard yourself from any unpredictable situation. This article will walk you through some non- traditional ways of choosing a two wheeler insurance policy.

Key tactics  to buy two wheeler insurance policies

  • Search & Research

Yes! This is where we lag. Internet and mobile phones have made it convenient to know about anything in this world. Plus most of the renowned two wheeler insurance companies have their internet presence. One can see the entire history, plans, benefits, features, quotes etc. Above all, they also have an online chat system and toll- free lines to address your queries.

  • Comparing is a prerequisite

This is the second in line process and is recommended by most of the industry professionals. It is always better to compare and buy a two wheeler insurance policy on your own rather than choosing the one suggested by your friends or agents. Also, there are over a dozen of two wheeler insurance companies in India. All insurers sail in the same boat when it comes to features, benefits etc. But there are some who offer discounts, better coverage, best price and additional services at the same time. By doing this, you can dwell with an optimal option.

  • No Claim Bonus is your double bonanza

Your two wheeler insurance policy will reward you with some discount if you do not make any claim in the policy in any year. This discount can reach up to 50% in case of 5 consecutive claim free years of your two wheeler insurance policy. This discount can be availed on every renewal of your insurance policy. You ought to get the NCB discount and additional discounts which the insurer will offer to lure you. All this will reduce your two wheeler insurance premium.

  • Being whip-smart with your additional covers

Alas! Not all additional covers are necessary. Two wheeler riders don’t come for free. One has to pay an extra premium to include them in your base plan. If you are opting for riders, be wise and choose those covers which are required. You must definitely opt for two wheeler additional covers like zero/nil deprecation, engine protector and a return to invoice cover.

  • Renew your two wheeler insurance policy on time

One might think renewing the two wheeler insurance is the most mind-numbing thing in the world. Though it may for some, but it keeps you protected and reduces your chance of paying higher premium. Remember, lapsed polices will have a higher premium because your NCB gets dissolved the moment your policy expires. So renew on time and be vigorous with your two wheeler insurance renewals.

6 Reasons Two Wheeler Insurance Is Not a Waste of Time

  • Legally – You are always protected

Your two wheeler insurance will keep you protected from your own damage as well as any third party liability. Opting for a comprehensive policy will cover both third party damage as well as own damage. Whereas, if you are only looking for a two wheeler insurance policy to save yourself from law, then choosing third party policy only will be beneficial.

  • Will cover natural and man-made calamities

The insurance company will pay for the loss/damage of your vehicle on below occasions

Natural calamities like…

Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake, Flood, Typhoon, Storm, Landslide etc.

Man-made calamities like…

Theft, Burglary, Riot, Strike etc.

  • You get a personal accident cover

The insurance company will cover the insured up to the sum of Rs.1 lakh in case the policyholder suffers total permanent disability or dies in an accidental death.

  • You can opt for a long term two wheeler insurance

This comes across as the most favorable and convenient option for people who tend to forget about two wheeler insurance. Most of the reputed two wheeler insurance companies provide a long term insurance for 2-3 years. It is time-saving as well as eases your renewal process.

  • Entry to discounts and perks

Most of the two wheeler insurance companies offer competitive prices. So, to captivate more and more customers and to commence the practice of two wheeler insurance they offer additional services like a free service or wash.

  • Gives a sense of security

Being covered will not only provide you with some sense of security but also saves you from imposing any fine.

Therefore, buying a two wheeler insurance policy will save you from a number of problems that are inevitable.

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