Free Screen Sharing and Remote Collaboration

Share easily your screen from your web browser for compelling presentations and collaboration in real-time. Free screen sharing with absolutely no downloads need. Share your screen with just a simple click of a button for up to 5 people at a time – no downloads.

Free screen sharing

Start a free session of screen sharing right from your browser. Merely click the button for sharing in your online meeting room and select the area of your desktop you would like you meeting participants to see. There are no downloads. No complications.

Collaborate all documents remotely

You can also collaborate on all kind of documents remotely, right from your meeting room only. You can display content documents and spreadsheets, presentations, photos, websites and more. With no downloads, you will be able to collaborate on everything live from your desktop and easily and with no frustration.

Screen sharing access

All online meeting contributors have screen sharing access. No upgrades required no download needed. Here are several screens sharing software that let you share your screen with one or more devices at once. These are essentially ‘Remote Access Software’ and let you share a computer on another Windows computer.


These devices can be in the exactly network or anywhere remotely around the world. Viewer and host can interconnect over a VoIP or text chat, dependenton the services offered by the software. These screen sharers deliver free desktop connections remote which can serve the purpose of remote support, online meeting, etc.

Plenty of software

You can also try these 22 best free remote access software, 23 best free virtual router software and best free whiteboard software, text chat or VoIP, depending upon the services offered by the software.

Windows remote assistance

This is a remote desktop access tool that is provided by Microsoft. It is totally free to use and does not need any external download or installation. But there are other access tools that are free and offer many functions.

Next look at two screen sharing software.

Team Viewer

This is software for screen sharing, which renders remote desktop connection for free. This software is completely free to use for personal purpose, while the commercial version have to be paid for.

Any Desk

This is another sharing software for free screen, which allows you to share your screen with another Window device. This is one of the lighter software for screen sharing and it does work nicely. It provides options such as audio output sharing, screen sharing, access to keyboard and mouse, as well as access to clipboard.


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