Franking Machine Benefits

The adoption of a franking machine and franked mail will save you expenditure in this essential area of business. Why pay more when you don’t need to?

Reputable franking machine contract hire firms and retailers like IMS Franking Machines work in partnership with Royal Mail who govern the use of franking machines and their costs.

An example of this is that smart technology franking machines are mandatory for new machine sales because these are able to handle the technology which Royal Mail has spent millions of pounds implementing including their mail tracking option with cutting edge technology through their new barcode enabled Mailmark scheme.

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  • Implementing franking machine contract hire is simple and efficient.
  • Rental franking machines are a cost effective and timesaving solution for small to large businesses.
  • A mailroom that is costing itself money by using stamps and wasting stamps can become more efficient.
  • With a rental franking machine, you should save money quickly. Franking prices are better than stamps.
  • Franked mail looks professional. First impressions count for a lot. Which would you rather see? Dog eared stamps or a neat printed franking machine crown and die?
  • When you buy a franking machine the initial outlay is higher (around £1000+) but the overall expenditure should be less than a rental agreement.
  • Franked post is treated as business mail and its passage through the Royal Mail system is smoother.
  • You can claim back VAT on smart franking machines whether you buy or hire.
  • You can also reclaim VAT on postage with smart franking machines.
  • A rental franking machine’s credit can normally be re-credited online 24/7.
  • Rental franking machine supplies are bought through the contract hire firm. Online facilities make this easy.
  • If you buy a franking machine, you can purchase supplies from any stockist and take advantage of various retailers’ offers.
  • You can tear stamps. Good luck trying to tear a franking machine!
  • Franking machines are lockable and can be programmed with cost centres for reporting and management.

Let’s look at an everyday item of post, a small envelope weighing below 100 grams.

1 X letter 1st class postage stamp: 64 pence.

1 X letter 1st class postage franking machine: 53 pence.

1 X letter 1st class Mailmark postage franking machine: 51 pence.

  • Renting a franking machine at £14.99 per month costs £179.88 for one year.
  • Over five years (without factoring in rental charge increases) this results in a total expenditure of £899.40.
  • A new smart technology franking machine is around £1000+ to buy.

If you check your business’ probable savings against the cost of a contract hire agreement or even a purchased machine, you can calculate how long it will take to recover the rental or buy expenditure.

Frequently, a cost decrease is enjoyed instantly with rental units.

Royal Mail and their partners, like IMS, view franking machines and particularly smart technology enabled machines as the future. Stamps are yesterday’s heroes.

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