Four Ways To Win While Blogging on Tumblr

Tumblr is an efficient platform to share ideas and showcase your work but with Tumblr blogs touching 100 million mark, how do you make sure that your blog stands out in the crowd? Well, it might seem like an overwhelming task, but with some smart tips you can make it happen. Want to find out how, here is the article you need to give a read.

Tip 1: Choose blog name and theme wisely:

Just like offline world, first impressions make count in online world as well. But lucky for you, Tumblr lets you easily customize the layout, design and features of your blog theme without requiring you to a programming expert. With around 200 Tumblr themes available (both free and paid), it is not that difficult to finalize the right theme for your blog. But some of the tips you need to keep in mind while choosing theme are:

  • It should be light weight
  • It should be mobile friendly
  • It should suit your niche

The next part is choosing right name for your blog. Always go for a blog name that can clearly describe what it is about. Always prefer choosing a name which is not too long and is easy to remember. Most of the people prefer choosing their own name as the blog name, but it can make it difficult to understand the niche of your blog. So once you are done with the blog name, it is recommended to set yourself with a custom url like rather than to add more professional touch.

Tip 2: Create posts carefully:

When it comes to Tumble, you must know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So make sure to spend time finding images that are eye catching. Tumblr is full a visually driven audience so making sure that your images are high quality, unique and interesting can take you a long way. Also offer insights into what it is and why you are posting it. You can go for a short paragraph, but making sure they are specific and compelling is what you need to do. Also make sure to give credit wherever needed will build credibility and trust.

Tip 3: Add social sharing buttons:

Do you know 80% users prefer buying a product based on the recommendations by people known to them. Adding social share buttons will provide your users a simple way to share  your content within their social networks. This will not only increasing the sharing counts but will also boost your content’s social reach. Tumblr social sharing can provide your blog more visibility on social front and do I even need to mention how important social media is for an online business.

Tip 4: Measure your efforts:

Now Tumblr does notify you whenever someone likes or reblogs your content but you should definitely not overlook the audience beyond this social network’s community.  You can just add a Google Analytics code by going through the theme settings. This will give you more details on how readers are interacting with your content.This will let you know what is working and what is not so that you can make modifications accordingly.

So friends, go ahead and give Tumblr a try. And definitely share your experiences in the comments below.

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