With the evolution of market, it is now easy to make money, all you need to have some skills. Nowadays investing in stock market and doing trading is a common thing as it gives profitable amount of return. When it comes to number game trading is ahead of stock market. There are different types of trading and the most used trading is FOREX, which basically means FOREIGN EXCHANGE. The trading is done in currencies. If data are analyzed, the trading figure of FOREX is around 5 trillion$ which is far behind the total sum of other trading figures. With the amount, we can easily imagine how big this market is. With such a big market chances of getting loss decreases and to earn more increases, so for trader’s forex is a favorite destination. It is always better to take help from brokers of FOREX, such as opening a Juno Markets account.


  • Trading is basically done in currencies and those also in pairs. Egg: – rupees against the us dollar, and the outcome depends upon the strength of the currency.
  • Some of the most traded currencies are US Dollars, The British Pound, and TheSwiss franc. The currencies are represented by 3 letters, ex: – USD, INR, etc.
  • It is important to decide the currency in which you are going to trade, it is important because you can make strategy according to that.
  • Some of the economic indicator should be kept in mind, and those are consumer inflation, interest rate, consumer confidence, Employment data, Trade balance, Retail sales, etc. These things decide a lot.
  • After knowing how a forex works, strategy should be made, strategy includes how you make way for clear and decisive form of trading, how you analyze the market, you have something to cover up your risk management. Also, emotions should be kept aside otherwise it will result in losses.
  • Most importantly don’t enter trading as if you are going to gamble, make proper strategy and stick to it. If it is not working make possible changes to it and never try to avoid risks. Try to work with full potential as it will increase the chance of getting successful.


It is a misconception that FOREX is a complex thing but reality is that if it is done properly it is easily and very interesting as it gives chance to do different type of things. Doing anything properly gives profit, so it is necessary to have proper knowledge about FOREX it will help you in getting profit.

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