Cool Cars to Rent in Ashford: Top 5 Popular Models

A trip around the states can be without unnecessary inconvenience, if you apply to car rental in Ashford. Classic never gets old. Fans of German cars or seeking to be in the center of attention can choose one of these cars for travelling in Ashford and its surroundings. By the way, Ashford is home to the largest Boy Scout camp in Connecticut.


So, to date, one of the most popular brands is BMW. The fact is that German cars not only have high technical characteristics, but also high reliability. But what makes this brand so popular? It’s all about the inimitable design of this car.

Thus, the BMW features a powerful motor that allows you to create good speeds. And in combination with the bright flashy design, the models of this brand look great on the road and stand out from the total gray mass of cars. Thanks to the spectacular front, BMW cars are instantly recognizable.

The principle of driver orientation is an important part of the interior design of every BMW. All the control elements and surfaces are driver-centric, providing optimum visibility and ease of use, resulting in an unparalleled driving experience.

In Ashford, you can rent a BMW 3-Series Estate for €247.

In addition to a purely German car, you can rent other popular models of expensive cars, which have almost the same characteristics as BMW. Their cost includes mileage, accident insurance and car insurance.

Audi A4 Estate

Audi A4 Estate can be taken from car rental for €383 per day. It is a powerful, efficient and intelligent car that impresses with an innovative combination of technology and aesthetic qualities. The steering wheel has a minimum of buttons. Minimalism, however, is not at the expense of informativeness. Here, the multimedia system of top versions is installed. Generally, Audi A4 is a synthesis of high technologies and aesthetics.

Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy is a typical family car affordable at car rental for € 338. This car seems to be created for long trips. Ford Galaxy is distinguished for its advanced technology and unique design, first-class driving quality and a high level of comfort. For today it is one of the most capacious and refined 7-seater family cars. Convenient accommodation is a guarantee of a pleasant first class trip. Therefore, when creating the interior of the Ford Galaxy, special attention was paid to modern design and style.

Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE costs € 231 per day. It is a real machine-beast! It’s hard to resist to move on it in a stream. The combination of frenzied dynamics, excellent handling and stunned well-thought-out comforts lead to the fact that you do not notice how the needle on the speedometer passes for 100 or even 150 km. At the same time, there is not any noise or unevenness of the road in the cabin. For fans of speed and style, this is an ideal option! Due to low aerodynamic resistance, XE literally cuts the air, which increases its efficiency and economy.

Mercedes E Class

Mercedes E Class is possible to hire in Ashford for € 223. Sedan E-Class with amazing ease embodies modern style and sophisticated sportiness. Each line follows the principle of sensual laconism. The horizontal lines create a feeling of extraordinary spaciousness. And noble materials define its style. Whether it’s rush hour, a long night trip or an unfamiliar road – this car will noticeably relieve the driver’s stress, especially in a stressful situation. A trendy car with excellent travel data.

As you can see, there is a great choice of luxury cars and Car Parts Volkswagen that will perfectly underlie your opulence and ideal taste!

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