Can Crowdfunding Help Run Community Kitchens To Feed The Hungry?

Soup kitchens are not very popular in India, however they should be. Considering the scale of urban poverty and hunger prevalent today even in metro and tier 1 cities, India could really do with a few soup kitchens. Since there are no soup kitchens in India, a lot of you may not know what it is. So here goes: A soup kitchen is a set up that offers free of cost meals to poor, homeless, and destitute populations who may not be able to afford or purchase food by themselves. You could call it a community kitchen, a meal center, or a free kitchen, the concept is the same – free food for the poor. In a mission to encourage the fundraising india to start soup kitchens, we at Impact Guru wanted to convey how effective online fundraising can be in reducing hunger and starvation in our country.

A similar concept was started in Tamil Nadu called Amma’scanteen that offers meals for prices ranging from Re 1 to Rs 10. While the government does offer subsidized prices for grains and pulses, we can take it a step further with the help of a fundraising india. This is because running a soup kitchen is no easy feat, nor is it inexpensive. However, these expenses can easily be covered through effective crowdfunding campaigns.

  1. The cost of renting out a space for the soup kitchen can be quite high, and hence an extensive and through crowdfunding campaign may provide the monetary bandwidth to do so.
  2. Raise money to purchase food in bulk for the daily requirements of the soup kitchen.
  3. Many may volunteer to help out, but having a financial incentive (even something small) will ensure sustained commitment.
  4. Crowdfunding for utensils such as pots and pans to cook in, and plates in glasses for the people that comes into the soup kitchen for a free meal.
  5. Fund your transportations costs of trucks and tempos for that will be needed to bring in fresh produce everyday.
  6. Maintenance and sanitation facilities are crucial measure to ensure no illnesses and diseases are spread. Simple things like soaps and hand towels may easily be crowdfunded for.

Surely world hunger is not something we can fix overnight, but concepts like soup kitchens are a step in the right direction. A fundraising india has a major role to play in national food security measures, and hence we encourage all of you to raise funds on Impact Guru for this cause, or any other initiative that may enable us to alleviate hunger.

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