7 Great Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Office

One of the keys to business success is creating a system that allows maximum productivity to flourish in your office.

Get high-quality business office equipment

A lot of office tasks involve preparing documents, and so this requires printing, formatting documents, and for this, you’ll need advance business solutions to ensure that they function well and won’t require a lot of maintenance. It’s not advisable to lease 2nd hand office equipment as they are bound to need constant repair and upkeep which will lower the productivity in your office.

Avoid open office format

Research shows an open office format is not conducive to work because there is no privacy and there is too much stimulus to do serious work. So try to have some nice cubicles for everyone so that they can work in peace and avoid being watched and judged by everyone. Remember not everyone is an extrovert that thrives on attention and socializing.

Never micromanage

Managers and supervisors should avoid micromanaging the employees. It shows a lack of trust, and it dampens productivity because the workers never get into a momentum as it is always broken by their superior. Get clear on the start what you want them to accomplish and then leave them to do it. Set deadlines and meetings to ensure accountability on the task but as a manager, you shouldn’t be snooping around the office and getting hour by hour update on the assignment.

Leverage technology

You can use productivity and workplace apps like Asana or Trello to allow for collaboration on the go. These apps also organize information and documents which can get lost if it was all in paper form. Finally, it lessens the need for meetings because people can respond to these platforms and decisions can be made in group discussions and chats.

Plan out meetings well

Avoid meetings like the plague. If you must critically have people meeting ensure that the agenda is clear and that everyone has a purpose. If there are tasks that must be completed in time for it, give it in advance so that they can prepare for it. Finally, set a deadline. It can’t be going on and on. If you plan office meetings well, you can enhance productivity in the office.

Reward and Praise

To encourage high productivity and meeting of goals, you should reward and praise appropriately. It should go together. It can’t just be praise because it doesn’t pay the bills and neither should it be a reward because people need to be acknowledged for their effort and achievement. So make sure your office has a system of reward and praise. Make sure it is timely so that it becomes highly motivating to your employees.

Ensure a comfortable office

Make sure the temperature in the office is not hot or too cold. It should be optimal for working. Ensure that the desks and chairs are stable and have good ergonomics to work on. Allow easy access to the pantry for them to take a break and recharge themselves. Finally, ensure that policies including a social media rules and regulation are in place so that there is no loud music, people playing games, and loud conversations that distract other people and prevent them from being productive.

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