4 Slack apps you would like to integrate with today!

Today’s digital system has become so advanced that it has completely changed the ways, companies compete with each other. For an organization to go ahead, there are lots of tasks that need to be managed efficiently which inescapably translates the need of a massive number of tools that you use on a regular basis. Now management of these tools is another headache, right?

Well no worries, Slack is here for our rescue. It comes with an ability to integrate with many of the best online tools that organizations use for their day to day tasks under one easy to use platform. At Slack, you can communicate with your rest of the team effectively while at the same time you can mange your other project management tasks as well.

In the course of this article, we will cover some of the essential slack app integrations that can be of use for everyone but first let’s understand Why Slack?

Why Slack?

If you are related anywhere to web designing and development or pretty much anything that involve online collaboration, you must have heard Slack by now not because of its unbreakable chatbot. But it is because of its immense ability to streamline the team collaboration. Surely it’s chatting and channel functions are unbelievable but these are not only the reason behind its meteoric rate of adoption.

Let’s take it this way. In the long period of your career you have gathered lots of tools from social media management to file sharing to customer support. Now what you require is a toolbox to organize and keep a track of them all. Earlier this toolbox was your email which as we all know is not designed to optimize the workflow. That’s where Slack came into the scene and making made our work life a lot easier. So if your team hasn’t taken some time to set up some yet then I must say You guys are losing on a really big opportunity.

Slack App integrations you should do just now!


Baremetrics is the app to keep tabs on the every movement of your company. It notifies you whenever an update comes up regarding the customer behavior in real time. For example new customers, any upgrade or downgrade, cancellation, charges or notifications regarding your company performance.

App Follow!

A Slack app to track your app’s activities in App store and Google Play. Now you don’t need to constantly check your app pages for the reviews, just install AppFollow to track new changes, updates reviews, rank changes and search result changes.


This is a slack app to let you know what is happening in the world. Whether you want to catch up on the latest news or just bored at work, This bot will keep sending you some random links to entertain you. So just stay alert and amused at your workplace and keep the dullness away.


So what if your team shares lots of links in a day. Install PaperBot to get the curated list of the best links via an email. Here you can also set some links that you want to avoid in your ignore list so that Bot will know what not to include in your daily digest.

Hence these 4 are my most favorite Slack apps but don’t stick to this only as there are a huge number of apps you can integrate with Slack. And there is no way to cover every single Slack app integration in a single article. So keep browsing and keep sharing your views!

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