3 Reasons Why Your Practice Needs SEO

Before the internet, the traditional methods of finding a lawyer are through personal referrals, book listings, and the classifieds. The dawn of the internet impacted everything, from the way we find lawyers and the way law firms present themselves online.

If you need a lawyer right now, you’d probably pull out your smartphone and start typing into the search bar. Lawyers and law firms need to understand the process that takes place before, during and after the keyword search. This process may take only a couple of seconds, and an individual may decide on a lawyer in five minutes, but a lot of things take place during this event.

What every lawyer needs to know is that the searching process may seem simple and straightforward from the outside. But the truth is law firms put in a lot of effort and resources to get into the highest ranking during these searches.

And this is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in. SEO must be an integral part of your overall marketing campaign because of these three important reasons.

People Look For Lawyers  on the Internet

Searching and clicking through a search engine is easier than flipping through the dusty yellow pages. Also, an internet user is more intent on the keywords he uses, so he gets more customized results. If a person looks for a personal injury lawyer in Houston, the search engines generate results for this said practice and location, instead of displaying results for general practitioners from the whole of Texas. From there, the user can narrow his options and make a decision.

People Trust Law Firms and Lawyers More Who Have High Search Rankings

Perhaps it’s our natural instinct to trust number one more than number seven, right? So if a lawyer appears on the third page, you’re less likely to hire him. You’d gun for the first three in Google. What this means for a lawyer is that he can increase his client base and earns more if he’s able to make it to the top results. SEO plays a very crucial role in this event and one that a lawyer needs to master, if not, at least learn.

People Don’t Just Rely on Keywords When Deciding Who to Hire

Most of us know that SEO is mostly about ranking higher in search engines through the right keywords, but that’s not the only deciding factor. SEO also measures how fast a website loads and how responsive it is across devices. It is also essential to implement SEO in establishing the reputation, track record, expertise and credibility which are critical in making a legal counsel more desirable to hire.


A lawyer may opt to perform his own SEO techniques, but for most, that can take time and effort, and only adds to their workload. Most lawyers and law firms seek the expertise and industry knowledge of the best SEO company for lawyers instead so that they can focus on their cases while the SEO experts work on the backend. Regardless of the route you take, it’s vital to make SEO a critical element of your marketing efforts, which will soon enough win you more clients.

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